Dead Jack and the Old Gods - Book 3
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James Aquilone was raised on Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, sitcoms, and Cap’n Crunch. Amid the Cold War, he dreamed of being a jet fighter pilot but decided against the military life after realizing it would require him to wake up early. He had further illusions of being a stand-up comedian, until a traumatic experience on stage forced him to seek a college education. Brief stints as an alternative rock singer/guitarist and child model also proved unsuccessful. Today he battles a severe chess addiction while trying to write in the speculative fiction game.

He writes the Dead Jack series of horror/fantasy novels and short stories. The books have been optioned and a TV series is in development. His short fiction has been published in such places as Nature’s Futures, The Best of Galaxy’s Edge 2013-2014, Unidentified Funny Objects 4, and Weird Tales magazine. James is also the Managing Editor of Weird Tales magazine and is editing the upcoming anthology Classic Monsters Unleashed for Crystal Lake Publishing and Black Spot Books. Suffice it to say, things are going much better than his modeling career


CLASSIC MONSTERS UNLEASHED will contain dark, scary stories about your favorite monsters and will be written by the biggest names in the horror genre — including Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, Ramsey Campbell, Richard Christian Matheson, Lisa Morton, Seanan McGuire, Linda D. Addison, Owl Goingback and many others. 

This is the first anthology I'm editing. The book, which just had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, will come out in July 2022 from Crystal Lake Publishing and Black Spot Books.

More info coming soon.


Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device kicks off a wild and irreverent fantasy / horror series following the exploits of a zombie detective and his homunculus frenemy. In the fast-paced novel, the drug-addicted zombie detective and his shapeshifting sidekick battle and outsmart supernatural creatures, from tough-guy leprechauns to sex-obsessed shark women and insane bat gods, in a hellish, alternate New York City of the 1940s.


In the second book in the Dead Jack series, the zombie detective hits rock bottom, bingeing on fairy dust and formaldehyde 24/7. Reluctantly, he sets out with a fellow zombie, the narcissistic Garry, to find his long-lost soul. But a new threat emerges: a neo-Nazi group that hunts down the depressed corpse, believing his sidekick Oswald has the power to capture all the souls in Pandemonium. Again, the wicked world needs saving, but this time can Jack also save himself?



In the third book in the Dead Jack series, Dead Jack and Oswald must stop the mysterious being known as Harbinger from summoning the Old Gods to Pandemonium while dealing with their dysfunctional relationship and the homunculus's newfound powers.





This collection has everything! Sassy robots, bloodthirsty spirits, a guy who's forced to watch TV and eat nachos, superheroes who are lame, a story about a zombie who searches for meaning in a world plagued by humans. If you like to laugh, there's a hysterical story about a redneck telepath who tortures a poor schlub for no reason.

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James Aquilone is a writer and editor.

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